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Battery operated carbon monoxide alarm to protect your family from harmful CO fumes. Important for use with any cooking equipment in enclosed areas. For use with the Frontier Stove (please see our other products for sale) or any kind of barbeque....
£19.99 Ex Tax: £19.9900
Use these flue sections to either lengthen or replace parts of your Frontier Stove wood burner.  Simply attach the flue sections to your Frontier stove to funnel the smoke away.   Can be used with one of our flashing kits ...
£23.99 Ex Tax: £23.9900
The Frontier Tipi flue allows you to use your stove safely in a tipi. The tipi flue has been designed to fit onto your other sections of Frontier Stove Flue pipes. The wings on the tipi flue are made to defuse the heat created in your flue. ...
£42.99 Ex Tax: £42.9900
The Frontier Stove Flashing Kit allows you to cook indoors, perfect for those rainydays! Its also enables the Frontier Stove to be used as an indoor heater. Attach the flashing kit to your shed and place the stove flue through the roof to act as a...
£48.99 Ex Tax: £48.9900
Both the tent and shed flashing allow you to fit your Traveller stove into a shed or canvas tent. Perfect for rainy days or those colder months, don't let the weather stop you - bring your stove indoors! Not only can you cook indoors but keep warm...
£59.99 Ex Tax: £59.9900
This is the genuine, original Frontier Stove, there are many cheaper substandard reproductions available. The multi purpose Frontier Stove is great for cooking and heating up a whole room! The frontier stove can be assembled in minutes, packs neat...
£162.00 Ex Tax: £162.0000