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Ash Pans

Ash Pans
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This ash pan is available in two sizes for a 16" or an 18" dog grate. Please note the dimensions of the pans below - the ash pans are not 16" and 18" they are suitable for 16" or 18" grates and therefore need to be smaller than 16" or 18" inch.</p...
£9.99 Ex Tax: £9.9900
This is an ash pan for 16 or 18 Inch grates. Please note the dimensions of the ash pan which can be found under the technical information below. Simply slide the ash pan underneath your fire grate to collect unwanted ash and debris from your...
£18.99 Ex Tax: £18.9900
Ash pan available in various sizes. Please select from the drop down list which size you need. Please note you may need to order a couple of inches smaller than your dog grate or fire basket to allow the ash pan to slide in and out easily. <...
£29.99 Ex Tax: £29.9900
The ash pan carrier prevents clouds of ash from spilling onto your carpet or flooring. Once your ash pan is full take the ash carrier and place your ash pan within the carrier. Tip the carrier on its end to emprty your pan, you will then be able t...
£66.99 Ex Tax: £66.9900