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Charcoal Companion stainless steel smoker box.  Simply place wood chips of your choice of flavour into the box and heat on your gas barbeque or grill.  The box enables you to have that delicious BBQ smokey flavour on a smokeless gas gr...
£10.99 Ex Tax: £10.9900
30cm diameter pizza stone for use with BBQ's and chimeneas or in the kitchen at home. Create delicious pizzas effortlessly. The pizza stone is made from high heat resistant fire clay, we recommend heating the pizza stone slowly when you begi...
£14.99 Ex Tax: £14.9900
Solid grill press made from cast iron for the ultimate efficiency, ensures your meat is pressed down onto your grill for those killer grill lines we all love! This Best of Barbeque grill press has a thick cast iron plate. Used by barbeque ex...
£26.99 Ex Tax: £26.9900
Steven Raichlen double soaker set for wood chips. This set includes two stainless baskets and a plastic soaking tray.  Simply place water, beer or any flavoured liquid into the plastic soaker tray and add wood chips to the two baskets...
£28.99 Ex Tax: £28.9900
This fabulous little gadget is made from solid cast iron which conducts heat evenly and quickly.  The double wide cast iron grill press pushes your food onto the grill to create those delicious grill lines you can see on professional steaks!...
£28.99 Ex Tax: £28.9900
This stainless steel smoker has an inbuilt reservoir to create smokey, moist food on your gas barbeque or grill! The smoker collects the ash so there is no mess, simply fill the box up with plain or flavoured wood chips for delicious ...
£30.99 Ex Tax: £30.9900
Long handled pizza peel. This pizza spatula is ideal for use with chimeneas and on outdoor cookers due to the peel's long handle. Can we used indoors or outside on your chimenea or firebowl to easily remove pizzas from your oven or chimenea....
£32.99 Ex Tax: £32.9900
The Steven Raichlen Best of Barbeque grill is sturdy, heavy, heat conducting cast iron with screw on legs if you want to use it over a fire. Allows you to cook over a barbeque, fireplace or firepit and create tasty grill lines on your food! It has...
£74.99 Ex Tax: £74.9900